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Counting my 2016 Blessings

I recently published a post where I talked about how messy 2016 was. But later, I realized that I rushed into writing that post because I was hurt. I don’t take it back because 2016 was an extremely hard year. But I’d like to remedy it by counting my 2016 blessings as well.  I’m grateful… Continue reading Counting my 2016 Blessings

Food For Thought.

Complaint no. 00…… 

You know how in every movie it gets to the point where you’re at the edge of your seat because something extremely good or bad is about to happen (i know it’s called the climax), and after that point you can almost hear yourself sigh in relief? Yes? Well, in the movie that is my… Continue reading Complaint no. 00…… 

Food For Thought. · Love, friendship

Waiting for Mr. Right. 

Us girls have a disease. We believe in fairytales and happy endings. We have watched so much TV and read so many novels that we are convinced that life can be picture perfect. That we could be walking along the street one day and someone would bump into us and spill coffee on us and… Continue reading Waiting for Mr. Right.